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And that's all there is to that. What is the point of it? Submitted by geek4grammar on Sat, I read the Times mag article and I also saw the Advocate piece - why is it so neccesary for her to make some declaration?

Sorry, Professor Plum, maybe next time. Indian girl dancing nude. Basically, it takes control of every element of an artist's potential livelihood beyond records--name and likeness, photos, new non-musical product lines, concert revenues, t-shirts Do you feel that the Christian market is opening up a little more at this point and might it become more embracing and accepting of different themes in the music?

As you may know, a celebrity will be coming out on May 5th in People. Shelby lynne lesbian. The world would be one ol' big gay party I see a change in the universe. A crowd's a crowd's a crowd.

Shelby's guitar in the media room? Discussion Who is your favorite artist in between in your music library? One, or both, of them has great taste. You can find good live stuff on You Tube. Her band is amazing too. We talk before and after group and he once mentioned Shelby Lynne and said: I have listened to her forever and I knew she was the gay from day one.

However, I do not think Shelby is "using" the personal family occurance to further her career. What is gay anyway? On the gay stuff, a San Francisco publication the other day flat out said Betty is her manager and partner.

Like you said, come the fuck out or shut the fuck up! If I were a kid, I'd camp out in a house that had a swimming pool like that. Big breasted milf videos. The desire to be with one sex? These songs were really fun for me to play at home, and I started to get a little fire in my belly, just going, "Man, this is silly to sit here and play this song in your room by yourself. I think there's a lot of vulnerability when we begin to speak about the secrets of ourselves, and what music does is reveal that secret.

You know, I'm not much of a computer person. I remember an old thread about gays in country music that had some interesting stories about her, but I can't remember the details? Tears, Lies, and Alibis. Supposedly, Shelby does some of the gardening. Sigh - there really are some obnoxious journalists!

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She is as good as it gets in concert.

Shelby is a mess. Kitty lea lesbian. Just in time for Lilith too Especially if the rumors are true that Shelby Lynne likes to drink. Shelby lynne lesbian. I was raised in Alabama, I have a country accent. You know, there is speculation that you and her are an item. It works for me.

Tripp October 29th, 2: Sorry I cannot post the link on youtube, someone will have to search to find it, it was recently posted obviously. I've read plenty of articles about "gay-friendly" stars who are heavily rumored to be gay on DL but are treated with kid gloves in The Advocate.

When they said a famous country star was going to come out of I thought it would be her She is, but is she really a "famous country star"? Which means she is Shelby's manager.

I'll give up red meat and masturbating. Just a Little Lovin'. The back yard garden and pool look like heaven for this city girl. Naked african sexy girls. Listen to his f-bombs! I'm not buying it, either. It is also designed to get that demo to think "wow, this is cool and I feel cool reading this.

You don't meet many real Nashvillians. I also agree with R She can sing softly perfectly and she can belt them out. In case you live under a rock and haven't heard, some high profile lady celeb is supposed to come out on May 5. I think she nmust have been in a rush to gert her next bag. I love Shelby too. It's kind of disgusting. I love her new tribute to Dusty Springfield album.

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Stop it with your retarded face.

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