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Jensen ackles and jared padalecki naked

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It is Jared who says Jensen and the whole Ackles family! Both he and Jensen say it's like a family. Personally, I'm not interested in their speculation about Danneel Harris.

Didn't he pitch a fit on a plane one time? I don't think they spend time in Vancouver during hiatus. Pics of nude weddings. Apparently they have both broken up with their girlfriends, R - Jared seems to have broken up with Sandy, and Jensen seems to have broken up with Daneel.

Well according to what I've read, Jensen and Jared are not spending Christmas together - they are spending it with their families. Jensen ackles and jared padalecki naked. He wouldn't say bad things to the press. I wonder who tops? Thank you so much. The pretty should try to maintain the perfect face until at least mid's. You have what you have, now go on with your lives and let shit be.

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Jensen ackles and jared padalecki naked

Jensen had a role in "Blonde", a mini-series about Marilyn Monroe. HATE the tv show. Heidi montag big tits. And a safer place to be! Jensen would never bottom for Padelecki. I love actors that can be so casual with the "he's my boyfriend" type comments.

She's an actress, she knows the importance of image. There was a clip of them joking about posing at the gym together SMG deserved an emmy nom? The only ones crying would be teens who fantasize that somehow Jared or Jensen will find them in Bumfuck, Iowa and marry them or at least sleep with them.

According to what we've read about Jensen, it also seems like he is the type who doesn't like to live on his own and prefers to live with someone else and so I think that's one of the reasons why he snuck into Jared's house.

It's interesting that in a few of them Jensen's hand is on Jared's chest on or near his heart. R43 what's wrong with fantasizing about Jared and Jensen being together? Tell me you would swoon over these guys if they carried an extra few pounds, had a receding hairline, and a crooked smile. I have no comment about Supernatural…I voted for the bear.

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She then sold some stuff on ebay.

Embrace your fangurlness already chica. Mature milf xxx video. This is a manip. People like need to grow up. Jensen ackles and jared padalecki naked. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I never saw the Supernatural show but I just saw Jensen for the first time on a Dark Angel rerun and he's a lot cuter on TV than any of the pictures I've seen. There is outside proof that they did talk to each other alot while making their movies this summer. I love that thanks to my time zone I was able to read this before the new episode. Just because someone people get along with each other that doesn't mean they're secretly dating and in a relationship.

But it's been nice, it's been nice because we work so hard and we get a chance to work on our stuff and so, it's nice. R, Jensen has had many girlfriends over the years, some of which have been posted here - he likes women and has had a girlfriend ever since his time on Days of Our Lives.

Thank you lord for Jared Padalecki, Amen!!! Sorry, I just see dorks. Nude gym video. Body language shouts "Barely tolerating this!! I did not want this information to have to come from me, but I felt it was necessary to confirm it in order to protect Jared from being asked questions about it this weekend in Dallas.

I understand that it's a nice idea to believe that, but it can't be denied that Joanna Krupa talked about having sex with Jensen and having orgasms with him. They can't afford their own spots? America like chris evans. They were, without exception, ALL female, and nearly all were housewives with too much time on their hands. John were weirdly sexual.

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I think they look hot and if u watch out takes etc videos where jesen and jarad are being themselves they seem to be able to have a laugh so they probably did this for fun.

The consensus was that Jared gave it to Jensen after he broke up with Sandy. Give us some credit. I also love the importance of Steve and Chris's friendship to Jensen.

R19, thanks for the heads-up about the photoshopped pic. Big butt twerking naked. But people who hug and let their fingers spread out and don't have to do the patting thing are generally more "in like" than those who don't.

Well, that is a manip at R, but that IS Jared's real body- it's a still from his days on Gilmore Girls when he was about 19 or 20 years old. Maybe the girl got tired of wearing a diver's mask for blow jobs?

Can you share with the rest of us? Jensen supposedly went skinny-dipping one time according to another website.

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And if you read his interviews, you have to twist his arm to even acknowledge that he is linked to someone of the opposite sex he sooner mentions his mother or jared than whoever is supposed to be dating. Xxx sexy movie in. They are not come out yet, just bit by bit, coz this is not easy for them Today Jared does his thing and I'm guessing he'll get asked about his new living arrangements.

Just in case anyone is curious, as with a number of other shows, 'Supernatural' is not showing any new episodes until after Christmas. The scans themselves are linked to at that livejournal but you may have to join the forum to see them. Can you share with the rest of us? I bet they've snuck surreptitious peeks at each other's cocks. On the flip side, Jensen's exaggerated modesty indicates a small, perhaps even tiny, member.

I guess I'm straight afterall NOT. He didn't have real developed muscles then ;- The original pic is him and Alexis Bledel who was replaced by Jensen in this manip, so those hands are hers, lol.

It's part of the "alpha" male dominance ritual where guys try to feel superior and try to form an instant peck order. Thai sexy model girl Why can't the fangurls stay on the indb threads and post their crap there?

The fans project the 'brother' angle on them even when they aren't acting, just doing interviews and such.

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