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I can get past the whole one arm thing. Well in Luke's era, I'd have to say Han Solo Oh, let's see, sexiest huh?

D Well, except for Axi. Christie kane naked. I agree with you though, The red busty Twi'Lek part is all I need. Actually I'm an astrophysics PhD student, kid. Star wars twi lek naked. But not really hot. Stuff like, this, it's never over. But I like to go off the beaten path. So everything I have said is true. Sexy latex lesbians. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. She lacks the ability of judgement, reason, or informed action. Jabba is the most sexiest man in Star Wars! So wrong in all the right ways From a female perspective You just know he saves all the GOOD force tricks for between the sheets eh?

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Also I want to give the first shout out to Kira. Now, there's something pretty hot about Darth Lachris on Balmorra The original Slave Leia still holds up.

The entire Grand Army of the Republic. But in the trailers she wins a close one over Natalie Portman and Bastilla. Boggles my mind, at least.

And for me, Atris' almost being a no-show for the game was a letdown. I'm going with the metal bikini of Carrie Fisher. Keep up the work. Plus, she is drawn specifically to accentuate her sexuality. Annie murphy naked. Oola the slave dancer in jabba's palace who is eventually eaten by the rancor.

Rianna Saren, lost her right lekku and had it replaced with cybernetics ostensibly a computer to replace the lost brain function. It's Leia and if you think otherwise you need to be examined by a medical droid. Even better, the Slave Leia outfit makes appearances in other places outside Star Wars. Mara is written x better. They're both awesome characters, both incredibly hot women, and both strong females in the tradition of Star Wars.

Again, the character was shown in practically every promo for the game leading to release. And you still don't get it.

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You would have had much more interaction with her if the game had been completed. Han or Anakin are characters although I'm not really sure about the movie-Anakin. Sexy naked lois. Hottest Star Wars character of all time! That's a spicy Sith! Want to add to the discussion? I mean, that has got to be hot all that molten rock, right?

Stuff like, this, it's never over. You don't get it. Suddenly, someone farther down the corridor, another captive shrieked loudly, as if in pain. It quite simply does not need to devolve to that level. Atton Rand from KotOR 2. I never said "submissive," I said "loyal.

She's NOT just eye candy. I would not describe her has being loyal, because loyalty implies the ability to be able to choose anything but. Stud bangs milf. Star wars twi lek naked. It is certainly an interesting and powerful piece. I'm disappointed in all of you. She gets my vote hands down. Leia and Padme are very nice and I woudl have no objections, but on the whole I have to go for Darth Zash before the ritual at the end of Act 1 of the Sith Inquisitor storyline.

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She also has tons of drawings that look like completely different people. I couldn't really complain, sexually attractive males don't look like something I'd like as a man anyway, but it is, of course, inherently unfair.

Giant, scary skeletal head on a pencil-thin neck, both on a woman supposedly at least 7 months pregnant Besides, she wasn't even in the game that much.

I'm not giving her my vote but she's pretty hot. Furthermore she is a static character. In my professional opinion, with all the weight that it carries, is that if any of them asked nicely, of course it would be terribly rude not to.

It's the equivalent of a lobotomy. The slaver cackled, calling to the other, "She's going to be trained up a bit if she's going to sell for anything good on the market! Add to that and she looked like she fell off the ugly tree and hit a few branches on the way down.

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